The Short:

My name is Jon Taylor - I'm a headshot, wedding, fashion, and dance photographer in New York City.


The Long:

Hey y'all - I'm still Jon. Photography is both my true love and my career, but I'm also a regular guy. Born and raised in Virginia, I currently live in New York City (Astoria, Queens - to be precise) with my Broadway-bound girlfriend, Kat. I love cooking (eating), traveling (also eating), and history-nerding (probably still eating). I'm also a hobbyist magician (and no, I will not make your spouse disappear, or produce a million dollars, but I might find your card).

If you'll stick around, I'd love to share some thoughts on my work with you...


Ahh yes, headshots. Those things that every actor, actress, dancer, model, and corporate-somebody needs to be seen. No, not seen - remembered. My biggest objective during your headshot session, aside from your comfort, is getting to know you. Who are you? What are you passionate about? What do you want your headshots to tell casting directors? Your audiences? The world? My aim is to capture not just a striking photograph, but a tangible representation of you.


First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS! Photography has provided me the opportunity to witness some of the most significant moments in others' lives. Being considered to participate in something so meaningful is an honor not taken lightly. I seek to build a relationship with my couples, their families, and guests so as to not feel like just another vendor. To this photojournalist, your wedding is front-page news. Let's make your walk down the aisle as confident as Tyra Banks on a runway, and let's capture a story that will be shared for generations.


Dance photography is a collaboration between two artists, each using their own metaphorical brush strokes to create a distinct image. As half of that dynamic, I enjoy the process of illustrating a dancer's line to compliment, create, or convey. A majority of my dance work is done outdoors, using the world as our stage and the environment as our inspiration. Whether it's demonstrating a dancer's ability, or blending two juxtaposed themes to create a visual feast, each shoot is as unique as the individual.

Events & Photojournalism

From sitting U.S. presidents and CEOs, to mitzvahs, meetings, and marches - there's nothing too obscure. When asked about my favorite aspect of my job, my answer is always "access". Access to interesting people, fascinating places, and new perspectives. Newspaper photojournalism was the dawning of my professional experience, and thus my love of all things noteworthy was born. You've put a lot of work into planning your next event. Put some trust in a photographer that'll prove you pulled it off.

Portraits & Families

Let's be honest - iPhones have made their way into every pocket across the globe, with their instantly-gratifying, face-filtering features. It's not unusual for our phones to be brimming with snapshots of moments from memorable to mediocre, so while it may not be not reasonable to suggest that you lug around a photographer everywhere you go, there are still some jobs that are better off with a little bit of good ol' fashioned know-how. Let me tell ya, I'm pretty good with duct tape, but I still call a handyman every now and then.


Ah ha! You found my hidden fashion portfolio! Throughout my work, you'll find allusions to my love of fashion, whether it's in the textures, the movements, the lighting, or moods. I find the understanding of these elements to be invaluable to my creative clients, regardless of genre. With experience in editorial, commercial, fitness, lingerie, and e-commerce, perhaps you'll be my next favorite client!

Now let's talk about you...

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